Program Highlight

A lot of data specialist/scientist positions are created every day in various business and industry sectors to make use of the massive datasets collected there.  Graduates of data science and technology is of high demand in today’s job market, and most of them will be employed in those sectors such as IT, engineering, and finance. There will be other career opportunities such as management and sales etc.

About DSCT

The Bachelor of Science in Data Science and Technology (DSCT) program is jointly offered by the Department of Computer Science (CSE) in the School of Engineering (SENG) and the Department of Mathematics (MATH) in the School of Science (SSCI)...


Prospective students interested in the DSCT program should first enter the School of Engineering (SENG/JUPAS Code 5200) or the School of Science (Science-Group A) program/JUPAS Code 5102) through the JUPAS school-based admission scheme...


The BSc(DSCT) program combines basic knowledge of data analytics, programming skills,  mathematical and computational background , which provides students an excellent foundation a solid foundation for their future career...