Prospective students interested in the DSCT program should first enter the Science A (SSCI-A) program from the School of Science (JUPAS Code 5102) or the Engineering program from the School of Engineering (JUPAS Code 5200) through the JUPAS school-based admission scheme. After admitted to HKUST, students may enter the DSCT program through the major declaration exercise at the corresponding school office after finishing their first year of study.

For admission via JUPAS, please visit:

Selection Criteria of DSCT

No. of CreditsRanking Requirements
#Best 24 CreditsStudents should complete "(COMP1021 or COMP1022P or COMP1022Q or COMP2011 or COMP2012 or COMP2012H) AND { [(MATH 1012 or MATH 1013 or MATH 1023) AND (MATH1014 or MATH 1024)] or [MATH 1020] }" in year 1


  1. If credits are transferred / “P” grade received for the above courses, other course grades would be used in the calculation.
  2. Best 24 credits refers to credits earned in your current academic year in HKUST.