The BSc(DSCT) program combines basic knowledge of data analytics, programming skills,  mathematical and computational background , which provides students an excellent foundation a solid foundation for their future career.  Below are the key components of the curriculum:

Subject AreaCourse(s)No. of Credits
COMP: 24-36 / MATH: 34-46
University Common CoreCommon Core Requirements - For students admitted in 4-Year Programs*36
* 6 units are allowed to be double counted as common core
Language(LANG 2030 AND LANG 4030) OR  (LANG 2010 AND LANG 3021)   6
COMP (Basic)COMP 1021 OR  COMP 1022P OR COMP 1022Q3
MATH (Basic)MATH 1013 AND  MATH 1014 AND MATH 2023 AND  MATH 212114
MATH (Required)MATH 2411 AND  MATH 2421  AND MATH 3423 AND  MATH 3424  AND MATH 3322 AND  MATH 333220
COMP (Required)COMP 2011 AND  COMP 2012 AND  COMP 2711 AND COMP 3711 AND
Two COMP Electives from a list
COMP/MATH (Required)COMP 4211 OR  MATH 4432
(Machine Learning)
Capstone Project/FYP I
(FYP II counted as Program elective)
(MATH 4995) OR (COMP 4981 OR  COMP 4981H)3
Data Science Electives
From list of COMP and MATH12